One Room Challenge Week 3: A few hurdles and hiccups

Hi there! I’m participating in this fall’s One Room Challenge. Check out all the makeovers here, and read my previous posts here and here.


This week didn’t go as planned as I hit a few unexpected hurdles. So this post will look different than I hoped, but here’s an update on the boys’ bedroom:

I received my extra-large print from Society6. It is adorable, but doesn’t fit properly in the frame, so I’ve got to figure out what to do there. I’m considering painting the white strips at top and bottom either yellow or black. Suggestions? Also, if you are shopping Society6, be aware that pornographic “art” is also for sale on that site—totally unexpected and unwelcome as I was shopping for things for my kids. Just a fair warning there.

I’m gathering the materials needed to make monogram pillows for the beds. Scarlet felt from this Etsy shop arrived this week looking more true red than red-orange, which is what I was trying to order. But I’m going to work with it, and my mom is going to make custom pillows using the same method described in my pennant tutorial here.

Speaking of the pennants, I’m trying to decide what to do with them and where they will show up in the room.

Lastly, I alluded to an unusual decision for this bedroom, and here it is: I’m filling the empty space in the bedroom with a round table that sits low to the ground and will be perfect for building with blocks or playing with cars. I bought this table off Craigslist for $45, and as a bonus, the lady loaded me up with peaches and apples while I was at her place picking it up.

When I told her how I was planning to use the table, she was excited to tell me that’s how her grandkids used the table too, spending hours coloring and climbing on and around it. She said she was happy it would be used by more kids in its next chapter.

Anyway, I have stripped the stain twice and sanded the tabletop, but it’s got a ways to go. I’m just going to wax it because it’s bound to get dinged up.

The rug also arrived this week, and it looks great and feels even better (read my views on synthetic vs. natural-fiber rugs here). So things are coming together, and next week I’ll have better photos. Cross your fingers for me. •

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