DIY pennants that don’t look DIY

Pennants are trending lately, and there are lots of cute options out there.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.09.47 AM


Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.10.43 AM


But why buy when you can make your own? I only like one kind of DIY project, and that’s the kind that doesn’t look DIY. These pennants are just the right project for those who feel the same. Did I mention each pennant below cost less than $6 to make? That’s a bonus too.



Here’s what you’ll need:


HEATnBOND Lite (buy it at a craft store)

Thread to match felt



Here’s the how-to:

• Cut a pennant out of felt. The measurements for the ones seen here are 12 inches on the short side by 30 inches at the longest point.

• Decide what words (or shapes) you want on the pennant. For ours we chose one of our favorite teams and one of our favorite vacation spots. Once you’ve decided, type the words, then choose your font and check the size (use the rulers in your word-processing program). The area we filled was approximately 18 inches by seven inches, so you’ll probably have to print letters on two sheets of paper if you make the same size pennant. Print the words in black.


• Tape the printout to a window backwards. Trace the letters onto the smooth side of your HEATnBOND Lite. You’ll want the bonding product to be on the back of each felt letter — that’s why the letters need to be traced backwards.

• Iron HEATnBOND to your felt. This product doesn’t love 100-percent wool felt, but it will eventually stick if you keep ironing. It works very well with wool-blend felt. Make sure your iron is on the correct setting!


• Cut out letters. Peel backing off HEATnBOND letters.


• Arrange letters on your pennant. Iron until secure.


• Here’s the key to making these pennants look like you bought them: Use a sewing machine to top stitch the letters to the pennant. Make sure to choose thread that matches your letters, and don’t be intimidated — just use small straight stitches (it’s best to do a trial run on a scrap of fabric) and work slowly. You can do it! Add a piece of trim and a few “ties” to the short side of your triangle for a more authentic look.

• Hang and enjoy. This can be a fun back-to-school project too if you choose to put your kids’ school names or mascots on the pennants.



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