Wonder if this blog is for you? Try this checklist:

  1. You love houses with character.
  2. You care about education and want better teachers who utilize best practices.
  3. You know everything sends a message—what you wear, how you smell, what you drive, how your voice sounds, and more. That’s rhetoric.
  4. You put family first, first, first (even if it’s the last thing on this checklist).

If you agree with any of the above, welcome. This partnership should work out just fine.

For 11 years I’ve worked as a freelance writer, mostly as a writer and editor for local newspapers and magazines, though today I’m a copywriter for an international engineering and construction company. This blog is an extension of my creative work, and I strive to only cover topics of substance. In a nutshell, I want to write for intelligent women who want to have intelligent conversations about creating a life that matters.