What to hang in a boy’s bedroom

Of all the rooms in the house, decorating my sons’ shared bedroom might be trickiest. I’m not a big fan of “theme” rooms with matching character sheets, shams, and bedspread or a 1992 San Francisco 49ers poster tacked to the wall. So I’ve been hunting for more palatable alternatives that avoid a theme-y look but would still please my boys—it is their room, after all. Here are a few favorite ideas that could be mixed and matched in a room for boys:

>> Sports without being too commercial: My boys would love a room decked out in Golden State Warriors paraphernalia, but that ain’t gonna happen (though I do love Kevin Durant and the way he dotes on his mother).



I like this football print (though it’s sold out now), and how cute is that canvas from Lindsay Letters? It comes in other colors too.



I also love the idea of having a real basketball hoop hung on the wall. I’m sure some people think that’s an invitation for disaster, but I’ve found the opposite to be true. We hung a ship bell in our boys’ room years ago, and they hardly ever ring in. My second son asked Santa for a gumball machine two Christmases ago, and we’ve refilled it only twice. Sometimes when something’s in plain site, it loses its savor and gets ignored. Then it still looks cute but isn’t causing major problems. Here’s a cute way to do a hoop via Fixer Upper:



Pennants feel very varsity sports, and we have several hanging on the boys’ bedroom wall. Here’s a great banner that could be easily DIYed using this tutorial.



>> Science-related stuff. My sons love animals and natural curiosities, and I like these large-scale prints in great colors to represent this interest.








I also scored a stack of vintage star charts and maps (above and below) at an estate sale, and they would be killer on the wall—big, graphic, and bold.



This classroom map was $12 at a vintage shop, and I’m always happy to see my kids looking up San Antonio or Reno or the original 13 colonies on it.

>> Flags. I love the look of old flags, and here are a few shots for inspiration:





I’ve been on the prowl for good flags the last couple years, and I’ve found the best ones in vintage shops. Most estate-sale flags are cheap and faded nylon, and since I prefer natural fibers, those aren’t an option.



The hanging flags above are rad, but I’d have to make sure they weren’t dragging on the ground out of respect. It’s a cute and unexpected idea.

>> A place for treasures. This last shot is from an old PBTeen line, so sorry for the small size, but I love the idea of installing half timbers where a picture rail would be. The ledge on top could support trophies, books, shells, cars, and whatever other treasures your kids collect, and you could screw hooks into the wood too for hats (are we the only family with 40 ball caps?).



These ideas might seem pretty disparate, but if you stick to a common color theme, they’ll play well together and avoid that themed look.

What’s hanging on your boy’s wall? Any tips worth sharing? I’d love to hear your ideas. •








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  1. What great ideas! I really love the football print and maps are always a good idea. Yes, we have hats all over the place, so hooks are a good tip.


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