One Room Challenge Week 1: The boys’ room gets campy


Hi, friends! Today I begin a new adventure as guest participant in the biannual One Room Challenge, and I am stoked. Mostly I’m impatient to get my boys’ bedroom in tiptop shape before the Historic Homes for the Holidays tour.

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! I hope you’ll find something fun to read, and I hope you’re ready for self-deprecation and sentimentality because I’m well versed in both.

Photo by Casey James Photography

If I’m being honest, I am a little sad that my oldest has claimed the bedroom downstairs and left his little brothers upstairs (see their room above). I loved having all three in one room, but Lonnie and I knew this day would come, and sure enough, our kid made the move right before starting middle school.

But on the bright side, now I have a chance to decorate two rooms: the one upstairs for the two younger boys and the one downstairs for my oldest.

For the upstairs bedroom—and for the ORC—I’m going with an outdoorsy theme without being too theme-y, a nod to the mountains without hanging a Big Mouth Billy Bass on the wall. I’ll reuse the natural-wood beds from IKEA, the buffalo-print Euro shams, and the black plaid blankets.

As for new stuff, here are some of the details I’m feeling good about:

via—striped wool blankets like these will be on both beds


via—I have an old, favorite campaign dresser that’ll be the “nightstand” between twin beds


via—my favorite print of all time might make an appearance

via—the boys have been asking for “heads” on the wall for a long time, and I might be able to tolerate these above their headboards

via—this mountain pattern on the wall has been a favorite idea of mine for a loooong time. Time to give it a whirl….

I hope you’ll check back next week to see my progress. First on the list is fixing up that old campaign dresser—it’s gonna be pretty, and not surprisingly, it’s gonna be green. •

7 thoughts

  1. Your ideas are so great and can’t wait to see them come together. And you better watch out–those wool blankets just might come up missing…I LOVE THEM!


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