Why hooks beat towel rings any day

Just a little more than a year ago, I was shopping for towel rings and bars and was feeling very uninspired. Not only were they such a yawn, but the best-looking of the bunch were 30 bucks a pop.

I tried to buy some but couldn’t force myself to take them up to the cashier. So I started thinking about hooks. There are so many cute ones nowadays, and I decided to take what I thought was a risk: I went with hooks in our master bath—not a ring or bar in sight.

Now let me tell you, that decision turned out better than I could have guessed. Here’s a photo of our master bath. We’ve each got our own vanity (by the way, if you can do the same, your marriage will improve), and we’ve got a hook on the wall for each hand towel. Wiping down the counter is so easy, and since it’s marble, we want to keep excess water off. When we’re done getting ready for the day, we wipe with the towel, then hang it on the hook. It is SO MUCH EASIER than stringing the towel through the ring or folding it in half to hang it on a rod. And faster.

Not to mention I love the green enamel “knobs” on these hooks.

The bath towels (you can see them reflected in the mirror above) also get hung on hooks right by the shower. We love this too—easy to grab the towel when you need to dry your eyes.

Same goes for the kids’ bath towels. I used hooks for those, and cleaning up that bathroom is a snap. When a towel is on the floor, I toss it onto the hook, and voila—the bathroom is the paragon of tidiness.

Tell me, do you have hooks for your towels, or are you a lover of rings and bars? I’m pretty sure if you live in a humid climate, hooks might not allow your towels to dry all the way, but here it’s arid, and I’m a fan. •

2 thoughts

  1. Definitely prefer hooks. My bathroom right now has a rod and I’m lazy so it always looks sloppy when I hang my towels.


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