One Room Challenge Week 6: The finished bedroom!

Hi there! I’m participating in this fall’s One Room Challenge. Check out all the makeovers here, and read my previous posts here, here, here, here, and here.


The boys’ room is finally finished, and I’m excited to share photos with you. I’ll post more shots on Instagram tomorrow, but for now, here are a few:

Refinishing this green dresser was a big project, but I love how it turned out.

This bookcase nook is the workhorse of the room. It contains all our children’s books, plus bins for toys.

See that cute table back there? My boys are LOVING it for building with blocks and racing their cars. It came a long way from this stained table. The marquee letters came from our old elementary school demolished a few years ago. The kids can switch out the words whenever they want.

My mom whipped up these monogram pillows—aren’t they adorable? I sprayed them with Scotchgard, like I do with most my upholstery. The red letters are made from 100 percent wool felt—don’t use the cheap stuff!

Tomorrow I’ll post a few pics of this table in action with my kids (and maybe my dog too). Kids’ rooms are fun and a little tricky for me too, but I’m happy to have this project wrapped up. Thanks for following along! •

For sources not mentioned here, check out this post.

14 thoughts

  1. Oh, it turned out awesome! I love that the marque letters are from the school. The monogram pillows really pull the beds together.


  2. You made such good use of this space. That table is rad and those striped blankets. 😍 It is all so well thought out. Such a fun, happy room!


    1. The striped blankets are my favorite. It’s such a weird space that it’s hard to lay out. I just really wanted the nightstand/dresser between the twin beds, and you know I didn’t like having beds at opposite ends of the room like they were before.


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