Introducing the first-ever Parade of Homes show house!

Man, have I got a fun project to share with you today! In September the Eastern Idaho Home Builders Association will host its annual Parade of Homes, and included in it will be the first parade show house in Idaho Falls.

You’ve probably heard of show houses in bigger cities—a group of decorators is assigned their own spaces in a single house, then they each deck out their room in their own unique style. I approached the home-builders association and asked if they’d be interested in a show house, and sure enough! It worked out.

I’ve assembled a team of 10 wonderful, creative, and down-to-earth ladies who are going to dress up this modern farmhouse built by Next Construction:

I promise you’ll see a large variety of styles and decorating ideas in this house, and I hope you’ll be introduced to a few stylish local women new to you. I’ll be decorating the guest room, and I’m about knee deep in art, bedding, and fabric. It’s a good place to be.

One of the coolest parts of this project is working with Tanya Cromwell, who is one of the top dogs at Next Construction and owns Idaho Home Design. But she was also the first female president of the state home-builders association—that means she’s tough, savvy, smart, and talented. She’s also decorating part of the house, so you’ll get to see her design chops at work, both in the house and the decor.

I know you’re going to love what you see in the show house. Next week I’ll give you a better intro to the designers, but until then, mark your calendars! The parade will be Sept. 12-14 and 19-21 in Idaho Falls, and you can get ticket information on Facebook. See you there! •

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