A vintage flag + what to do with it

For years I searched for a 48-star flag. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, so the ones I found online weren’t a good option. I kept scouring antique stores and estate sales until I found this:

A 48-star flag straight from the Navy, which just so happens to be the military branch where my grandpa served (you can see the “Navy” stamp faintly in the top right corner by my hand). The stripes are sewn together, and the stars are sewn on individually. I’m pretty sure it’s wool because it’s so itchy, and it is starting to fall apart. I am in love.

I am having it framed this week, which is no small thing because of its size (around 69″ X 37″). The frame is going to be large and heavy, and I had to source the plexiglass separately because the framers at Hobby Lobby couldn’t cut a piece of glass that large in store. Actually, plexi is going to be a good option anyway because it’s so lightweight.

I considered tackling this as a DIY project but decided against it. I’m taking cues from these images, where the backer board is bigger than the flag on all side. I really love how this looks, and it’s ideal for my old flag because it isn’t square anymore.


via—this whole space makes me very happy



Even though this is an investment piece (I’ll be more than $400 into it when all is said and done), if I were to buy a piece of art this size, I’d be spending much more. Plus this is a classic; I’ll always be able to use it, and should I tire of it, I’ll hand it down to someone I love or sell it. Win-win.

What do you think about projects like this? For some reason, I’m always drawn to textiles and odd items that could be framed. For instance, I’ve got a letterman’s sweater in a shadow box, and I have an adorable embroidered apron I want to hang in the laundry room someday. •

3 thoughts

  1. That is such a great find!! Especially since it’s the same branch your grandpa served in. That’s definitely worth the money of having it framed and protected.


  2. Being a military grandkid, kid, and now wife … this makes my heart happy. She’s a beautiful find and I’m glad she’ll be securely and proudly displayed with love.


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