Four little thoughts

Happy Monday! Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I miss posting multiple times a week! Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to tell you lately:

Photo by Casey James Photography

1. When we were remodeling, I went to the local plumbing shop and saw toilets with a huge markdown. But they were ADA Compliant toilets. Hmm, hadn’t ever thought about toilet height before, but they looked good and the price was right … so I bought three. Best decision ever for the bathroom! The taller seat makes sitting down so much easier, and they aren’t too tall for kids either.

2. For a decade I had dish soap in an oil bottle on the counter because it looked good. But every time we wanted to wash, we had to stand there with the bottle upside down for seven seconds before soap started dripping out. What a waste of time! I bet I wasted a couple hours a week waiting on soap. So I bought this amber bottle, and everyone in the family is happier. It still looks good, but there’s zero wait time when washing.

3. I say it this time every year, but it’s primrose season! I just got a call from my local grocer/nursery (yes, I request a call) saying the shipment is in. Go buy some and read this post for tips on keeping them in bloom for a full month.


4. What is with the big eyebrow craze? I’m all for a thicker brow that requires less tweezing, but shouldn’t we draw the line somewhere? I’m seeing women that give Groucho Marx a run for his money for biggest eyebrows in the history of ever.


Since when do women want more hair on their faces? If everyone is sick of chevron at home, I’m getting sick of eyebrows that look like woolly caterpillars or my favorite Sesame Street characters. Are you a fan of the big-eyebrow trend?


The end. Have a great week! •

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