Now’s the time for primroses

Fresh flowers can feel like such a luxury, and there’s no better time to indulge (for less!) than in January when primroses hit the grocery-store shelves.

About this time every year, I pick up lots of primroses from our local Fred Meyer and plant them in little pots to place all over the dining room and kitchen. If you’re diligent about deadheading and snipping off dead leaves, they’ll bloom consistently into March. Each plant costs less than $2, so that’s a lot of live flowers for very little money.

Primroses might be one of the hardiest plants out there. When they need a drink, the flowers will lie down—just add water and they’ll perk back up within an hour. They’re the happiest of plants.

I’ll be MIA this Friday because I’m working on a few projects that are requiring most of my spare time, but I’ll see you back here Monday. •

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