Paper flowers for the win?

Like most women, I have a weak spot for fresh flowers. I love them on nightstands, on the counter, on side tables, on the dining table, on the bathroom sink …. They look good everywhere. But I don’t have room in the budget for fresh flowers every week.

So I usually buy small flowering plants and pot them in small vessels I scatter around the house. But this doesn’t mean I always have flowers in bloom—even my beloved primroses stop blossoming after a couple months.

To complicate things further, do you, like me, have a corner (or whole room) in your house that is just plain dark? Our master bedroom is that spot for us. While I don’t mind it and actually played to its darkness by choosing dark paint, the room cannot sustain plant life. It just can’t. I guess I could try a snake plant in there, but I’m looking for something softer.

So don’t think I’m crazy, but I’m seriously considering fake flowers—paper flowers to be more specific.

Hang with me for a second because the ones I’m looking at look crazy real and happy, like a dollop of sunlight.

I must not be too far off because I’ve seen paper flowers written up in House Beautiful, and there’s always the lifelike loveliness The House That Lars Built creates.


I’m seriously considering these and these, and at $30 for the blossoms and greenery, it doesn’t seem like too big of an investment. Besides, wouldn’t these look beautiful in my dark bedroom—like a beacon in the night? Ha!


via (that faux eucalyptus is dreamy)


Plenty of paper-flower tutorials are available online, but I’m not interested in those. I want someone who knows what they’re doing to make mine so they’ll look as good as possible.

Tell me, how do you feel about faux flowers and plants in general? Joanna Gaines uses them to great effect, but I can’t get on board with fake branches and silk flowers. Have you found some realistic ones that will make me reconsider? •

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  1. Wow! Tank you so much for showing one of our handmade paper bouquets! We are so grateful to be able to design custom orders, specially because a lot of them come from people with pollen allergy…


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