A mirror behind the stove? Sure!

Photo by Casey James Photography

Lately I’m toying with the idea of putting a fancy-pants gold mirror in the back of my oven niche. I mean, why not? It’ll add another layer to the space and bounce light around. Yes, the tile is busy, but what’s a little more busyness when you’ve already got yellow patterned tile in your kitchen?

Here are a few inspiration pics that’ve got me hankering for the perfect antique mirror:




via—a similar effect is achieved here with a silver-plated tray


I’ve been looking at antique stores for the perfect mirror, and I think I can find a good one for around $50. Of course, I’ll be in the prowl at estate sales this spring, and speaking of that, make sure to read my post next week about what to look for at estate sales this season. Can’t wait!

P.S. Click here to read about the good feng shui associated with having a mirror behind your stove—who knew?



4 thoughts

  1. I know about the Feng Shui benefits and it sure looks pretty, in the pictures, but aren’t you concerned about the mirror getting greasy and dirty every day? I cook a lot, and I’d think that I’d be forever cleaning it.


    1. That’s a good point. I’m not a big cook, but I do have to wipe down my tile whenever I make a meal and splattering happens; it’s concrete tile and porous, so if I don’t, I’ll have staining. I guess if I choose a mirror, I’ll just be wiping the area with a soapy rag and then Windex instead of a soapy rag alone.


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