Window treatments optional

Photo by Casey James Photography

I’m sitting here staring out the window at winter melting away and feeling pretty good about having warmer weather on the horizon. I love having windows open as much as possible—good light is good for my mood, and I am not a huge lover of window treatments anyway. Some rooms in my home have shades and some do not, but today I want to talk about the pros of going without window treatments when you can.

The only candidate for rooms without window treatments should be rooms where privacy is inherent. At my house, that means the kitchen can have bare windows because it’s at the back of the house, and we’ve got a line of trees on the side of our property that shields views 75 percent of the year. So I enjoy the light streaming in all day long without raising shades in the morning. I also saved on buying eight window treatments in there!

Besides the cost savings, eliminating window treatments eliminates dust. It also prevents the likelihood of a certain treatment going out of style in a few years and needing to be replaced.

Here are a few inspiration pics that might get you excited about bare windows too:




The French doors in our bedroom, on the other hand, really need shades. I’m thinking Roman shades here and for the master bath.

Tell me, could you ever go without blinds or curtains in your home? If so, in what rooms? And if not, what window treatments are your favorite?

P.S. Here’s a really great project where adding drapes makes a big impact, for those of you who love your curtains.

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  1. We love lots of natural light too. We have wide white slat blinds on all our windows because we don’t have mature trees and would feel like we were living in a fish bowl without them.


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