A new project for the bedroom

I am desperate for a project right now. I would love to fix up another old house, but I need to wait a few more years for that. If you need help fixing up your own house, call me!

And I am taking a couple online classes right now that eat up a lot of time, so doing something creative sounds especially wonderful and elusive.

But I feel like I CAN take on one small project right now, and I’m getting excited about it. I’ve never showed you this side of my bedroom before because it isn’t done. Behold the “office”:

This is where I do a LOT of computer work. I love this campaign desk and scooped it up at a thrift store last year for about $75. The color works well in my room, but I would like to “style” the space.

Here are a few considerations:

We asked the electrician to wire the wall so we could have a TV in our room someday. But that day isn’t today (I do not want a TV in my bedroom now, but I might be okay with it when I’m 80). So I’d like to either conceal that electrical-plate situation or somehow draw attention away from it.

This room is dark, so I’m considering a mirror. But if I do a mirror, it would have to be gargantuan to be the right scale for over the desk.

I have art over my bed, so doing art over my desk wouldn’t be my first choice.

I like having a lamp on the desk, but this one from my grandma is too small.

I really like the size of the chair for the room, so it will stay. I’m not married to anything else staying in this area except the desk and computer.

I like these images, but they are pretty dissimilar:






Which one do you like best? And do you like the idea of a less-organized or more-organized bulletin board? I love the ones that look a little messy, but I don’t know if I could really live with them.

I’m hoping to finish this project before the end of February—please weigh in with your suggestions. •

5 thoughts

  1. My favorite is the second to last image. I think it would look fabulous with your wall color, too. Too black and white for me as is, but I do like the more organized grouping of pictures and such.


  2. I like the 3rd picture: lamp, tall vases with a pop of flower color, and hodgepodge gallery wall.

    If you really need a project, I’m designing our new build house plans right now. While I love our floor plan, the exterior is killing me. It is hard to give a new house old world charm. I would love your insight!!

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