A peek inside a parade house

Hi, friends. Before today’s post, I wanted to say thanks again for the support for the Historic Homes for the Holidays tour. I set up a display at the parade house featured below and collected contact info from about 200 people who wanted more tour details! I’m working hard to make this event worth your while. Tickets will be available online and in town starting Nov. 1. Thanks again!

I mentioned before that my sisters, mom, and I decorated a house for the Eastern Idaho Parade of Homes. We’ve done this before, and while it might sound luxurious, let me tell you that our budget is zero dollars.

So we do what any resourceful group of women does, and we get creative. We decide on a color scheme and style, and we list what we can use from each of our houses. This year the vast majority came from my sister Steph because navy was one of our colors, and she loves navy too (plus she has a host of pretty things). Here are a few pics of how things came together:

I recently read an article about navy and brass being the “it” combination in kitchens right now because they work so well together. And all I have to say is here’s the proof.

We kept things minimal decor-wise so you see the craftsmanship of the cabinets, herringbone floor, and trim. And how about those Gothic doors to the pantry? I love stained-wood doors of any kind, but these are bonkers.

Behind the kitchen you’ll find the mudroom with sweet Moravian star light fixtures and cabinets in hunter green. I adore the homeowners’ tiny wood cabinet in the powder room in the distance. It’s the perfect scale for the small space and draws your eye all the way down the hall.

The kitchen joins up with the family room. See that pointed-arch motif making an appearance in the fireplace surround? Those repeated details make this house feel cohesive and rich.

And finally, the entryway.

And one last time, the Gothic arch shows up, this time in the stair railing.

Devan Thompson with Guardian Homes built this house, and it’s so well-considered and light filled. I’ve been to a handful of other parade houses and am planning to hit some more this week, and there’s plenty of beauty to take in. The parade runs this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and you can buy tickets at any parade house; for more details, see the EIHBA Facebook page.

One thing I do NOT like about the parade is the snarkiness it brings out in tour-goers, including myself. Here we are, walking through homes that could easily house five third-world families (and they’d be grateful for it), and all we can say is, “Did you see the color of that bathroom?” or “Ugh, I hate that light fixture.” So let’s keep things positive, shall we? I’m working on it too. •

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