Decorating for Parade of Homes: The idea list

Last year’s parade house—such a lovely lady. Built by Devan Thompson, who’s now part of Guardian Homes

It’s time again for the Parade of Homes, and I’m excited to be helping stage another house. This is my third time around, and every year I have the same two thoughts:

How can I do this without spending a million dollars?

How can I do this without having to hire a moving van to cart all the stuff to the parade house?

My mom and sisters are always part of the staging too, and we are trying to keep it simple (see Question #2 above) and cozy. The parade is supposed to be about the house itself—the architecture and the craftsmanship, not all the tchotchkes and assorted accessories. So our task is to enhance those things without being a distraction. With that in mind, here are some of our ideas this year:

via—a simple but big statement on the porch (imagine this photo without pumpkins, a wreath, or corn stalks—so basically nothing like this, ha)

via—plaid blankets hanging from hooks

via—a trunk as furniture

via—blue-and-white stuff in built-ins

via—baskets for texture

via—simple centerpieces

You know I’ll share some “after” photos once we’ve got her staged. Did I mention she’s a Gothic farmhouse? You know I love me a house with personality! If you’re going to be a farmhouse, might as well be goth. Be back with photos soon. •

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