The death of the gallery wall?


I’ve read a few articles recently that hinted about gallery walls becoming a bit passe. I say hinted, and I think that’s by design—can you really say a gallery wall is totally out? Art has been hung salon style for generations, so it’s pretty much a staple in the world of decorating.

But sometimes a classic veers into trendy territory when it’s done so often (think sunburst mirrors, chevron, and maybe even shiplap), and such is the case for gallery walls at present.


Instead, there seems to be some movement toward choosing one big statement piece instead of a gallery wall, and I love this idea. Investing in one piece requires less searching and might even be less expensive, plus you don’t have to straighten 15 frames every other day.


This focus on one art piece is likely part of the minimalist movement to have less in our houses. A single piece of art on the wall feels lighter than many, obviously. It lets a room breathe.

Here are a few favorite ideas for one large piece:


via—check out this site for downloading Audubon prints like this for free

via—plus tips for printing huge B&W art for less than $30

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? If so, are you a big fan of gallery walls in general? And do you have big art in your home? If so, I’d love to hear what you have. •


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