PSA Friday

Another weekend is here, and we are smack dab in the middle of another gorgeous Idaho summer. Seriously, Idaho is such a show off in summer. Here are a few notes before we kick off the weekend:

I wrote about pansies last week, and I found this quick video with tips for encouraging blossom production—I’m trying it out and excited to see what happens.

I ordered window treatments finally for our bedroom and bathroom, and my husband is thrilled that we don’t have sheets hanging in the windows anymore. I ordered these shades (in fabric called “camel textured”) for the bedroom and adore them. The most amazing thing is that they are completely cordless—to open them, you simply lift from the bottom and vice versa for drawing them at night. It’s genius.

However, I also ordered these roller shades in “sugar” for the bathroom, and I have lots of complaints about them, starting with the lousy installation instructions and the hour or so I spent trying to figure out how to “fix” the spring tension. The “fabric” is actually some kind of cheap vinyl that permanently shows creases when folded at all. So I don’t know how long these will last, and I’m considering hanging a faux roman shade in front of them so you can’t see them anyway.

Here I am, the hunchback coach.

Lastly, I am coaching t-ball with my sister for the first time, and I am loving it. I am utilizing this list for practice ideas that are fun and keep the kids engaged for a full 50 minutes (unfortunately, the original source has been pulled down, but you can still find the pins on Pinterest). If you need practice ideas too, check it out.

Happy weekend! •

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