Just one pillow for me, please

Spring is the perfect time to shed the excess layers in the house—goodbye to throws and extra pillows till fall! I’ve decided to store away the blanket and all three pillows on my couch in favor of a single lumbar pillow for spring and summer.

A lumbar pillow is a great alternative to multiple pillows because it takes up lots of visual space but still feels simple since it’s just.one.object. I’ve loved the image below for years:

One advantage to having a lumbar pillow is that you only have to find one you like, not a set of three or four that need to coordinate to look good.

via—this link has a good tutorial too

via—two lumbars here

I cruised through Hobby Lobby recently, and here are a few florals I’m considering for my lumbar:

You can buy beautiful lumbar pillows and pillow covers online too. I really love this one and this one.

Since I’ll be stitching up mine on my own, I ordered this insert because I always prefer down and feather inserts to poly fill.

What do you think about having a single lumbar pillow on the sofa? Do you like the idea, or do you prefer to have your pillows in multiples? I know some people would hesitate to have one BIG pillow because it’s not so easy to move it onto the floor if you don’t love sitting with pillows, so I’ll let you know how it goes. •





3 thoughts

  1. I’ve never even considered a single pillow before! It’s such a fun way to slash some color into your living room with making a big clutter of things. Thanks so much for sharing!


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