The $4 change that made all the difference in my shower

Just a quick PSA this Friday:

When our bathrooms were built, we chose to have tiled niches added to the showers for storage.

But our shampoo and conditioner always teetered on the edge, threatening to crash to the shower floor (who am I kidding—they fell several times).

I know it’s a little frou-frou and definitely unnecessary, but a few weeks ago I spotted these enormous squeeze bottles at a kitchen-supply store and bought them for less than $2 apiece. With my shampoo and conditioner happily decanted into these bottles, there is no precarious balancing act, and there aren’t any ugly labels in my shower.

Except on the bottle of mousse, which is so inexpensive but works well on my curly hair. So it stays.

It’s a luxury to store essentials in pretty (or prettier) bottles, but I sure like the way my shower looks and the way the niche functions now. For $4, it was worth indulging just a bit. •


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