Good ideas for gift tags

For several Christmases, I’ve made gift tags with felt holly. I just love the look of felt, don’t you? And it doesn’t fray.

But I found a Martha Stewart Christmas-pin tutorial that made my holly leaves look so much better, and all she does is iron the leaves down the center.


With that in mind, I assembled supplies and whipped up a batch of gift tags, making sure to iron those leaves in half. It added about 10 minutes to my project time, but the effect is worth it!

The berries were cut from garlands and picks; the lace is vintage from an estate sale

Not everyone has time to make gift tags, and I’ve been in that boat some years too. So I rounded up a few of my favorite ideas for tags—some are free downloads, and some are just clever ideas. 

via—cut tags from old picture books

via—skip tags altogether and write names on the packages




via—I’ve done personalized tags with photos before, and they were pretty funny

I love wrapping gifts, do you? It’s one of the best parts of the holidays. I’ve talked about it before, but I try to make presents look pretty on the outside so the recipient can feel the care I put into buying the gift even before opening it. Do you feel the same, or are you a gift-bag devotee? •


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