How do you decorate for Christmas? Show us!

Isn’t it fun to visit family and friends during the holidays? I love seeing how people deck their halls and picking up good ideas.

So I’m trying something new today, and I hope you’ll play along. Since we can’t visit each other in person (this year anyway—I’m figuring out a way to change that next year…), let’s share our favorite Christmas corners on Instagram.

Post a pic of your coziest Christmas corner, like a vignette with evergreens, a nativity from your grandma, or your Christmas tree by a roaring fire. No pressure to share wide shots showing entire rooms—just post your favorite spots. Share as many as you want! And make sure to tag them #thecoziestchristmascorner so we can easily find each other. You can find me at @rebeccalongpyper.

I can’t wait to see how you live during the holidays! I know you’ll have lots of amazing ideas that’ll inspire me and others. Now go take some photos and start posting! •

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