A peek at our Christmas cards (or more importantly, the envelopes)

I recently wrote about Christmas cards, more specifically about their envelopes and “decorating” them with old stamps. I placed my own order for 140 unused stamps from this Etsy vendor, and I couldn’t be happier. Just wanted to show you how the cards and envelopes turned out:

The stamps came in a huge variety and with lots of different themes. Some of my favorites were those featuring Tom Sawyer, Thoreau, pharmacy (my husband is a pharmacist), Johnny Appleseed, and basketball. I got a few old Christmas ones too, which were fun. I received duplicates of one or two, but that’s not bad considering how many I bought.

I am using a new postcard stamp on every envelope, then adding three or four vintage stamps to reach the necessary amount of postage.

To make my cards seem more special, I bought light-pink envelopes to match the red-and-pink plaid on the back of our cards. I love red and pink together—I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the combination.


I wish I could show you the back of our envelopes because our return address is stamped in red over the flap, but I don’t want to publish where we live. I used this stamp (seen above) my sister gave me for Christmas last year—I love it. It’s so Gatsby-esque, and I love anything referencing the ’20s.

If you’re thinking about using vintage postage, do it! If you order from the same gal I did, you won’t be disappointed, and your Christmas cards will stand out in the mail this year. Now I want to know if you would ever consider putting this much time into envelopes, or does it seem like I need to pick up a hobby or two? •

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