The (right) trim is in

Remember this post last year when I mentioned we were tearing out our trim and replacing it with something more period appropriate? Well, we are 99 percent done with the trim, and I couldn’t be happier.

We based the trim style on the one remaining window in the house that appeared to have original trim—someone tore out the rest long ago. Using the photo below for inspiration, we increased the dimensions slightly for a more substantial look; our contractor hired a millworker to cut knives that would achieve the profile we were after.

We also replicated the original window sills. In fact, several windows still have their original sills (as seen in the top photo), which we retained and built around.

I’m so glad our contractor suggested hardwood trim because I never would have thought that was an option. Most new houses in our area have MDF (and our baseboards will be too), but the hardwood makes such beautiful, perfect mitered corners around each window.

The painter is prepping even as we speak, and I can’t wait to see this house all painted out. More photos to come. •

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