Making the most of wasted space

My boys’ bedroom has always had this weird angled space in the corner that was pretty much a waste. I encouraged my kids to use it as a reading nook by putting a few bean bags in there, but they sat in there maybe twice, and I ended up tossing the bean bags after a couple years.

I considered just walling off the niche until it occurred to me that a few shelves could turn it into something functional: a very cute bookcase. AND I wouldn’t have to find a spot for a freestanding bookcase. Win-win!

I mean, look at this bookcase inspiration in tight, otherwise wasted spaces:






I can’t wait to get these shelves installed and stack all our books inside. Tell me, what do you do with all the books? I love having them, but it feels like they’re always all over the house and spilling off of shelves. Any suggestions for storing them in a tidy, efficient way? •

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