Two birthday-cake ideas

It’s a birthday week at our house! The twins are celebrating their fourth birthday, and I can hardly believe it (if you want to see a video of their birth story, click here).

I’m prepping for a “tough guys and tiaras” party, and the twins requested a gumball cake. They’ve seen photos of this cake I made for their brother a few years ago:

To make things a little easier on myself this year, I ordered a white-frosted round cake from a local bakery and will simply embellish it with gumballs (this time around, I’ll add them to the top edge too). This is such an easy way to decorate a cake, and I am always attracted to rainbow colors for birthdays—especially now that I’ve got boy-girl twins and need a good unisex option.

Another favorite and easy birthday cake was this one I made almost five years ago:

So easy—just frost the cake and smoosh sprinkles onto the sides. I bought the sprinkles in bulk, so they were very inexpensive. A photo of this cake got published in a German magazine a few years ago, which was ironic since my sister’s the kitchen goddess, not me. Ha!

Do you like to bake your kids’ birthday cakes, or do you prefer store bought? Or do you nix cake altogether in favor of ice cream, donuts, or some other treat? •

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