Thoughts on white hair

Please tell me I’m not the only one with white hair. I got my first one at age 26, and they’re multiplying like rabbits—kinky, course, white rabbits.

I know a lot of women color their hair—do you? If you do, is it to cover white or gray hair or for another reason?

I haven’t had my hair colored for a few months, and I can see a lot of white at my roots. I’m wondering at what age I’ll be ready to let it go natural. I’m only 34 now, so definitely not yet, but when?

So I’m asking you dear readers, all of whom are more beauty savvy than me, how young is too young to let your hair go gray or white?

How often do you have your hair colored?

Do any of you color your hair on your own? I have fond memories of my mom and aunts giving us highlights using one of those plastic caps with a million holes to pull our hair through. But it’s been about 20 years since we’ve done that.

And if your hair is going gray or white, when did it start? •

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