Construction lately: A look outside

Last week was wild at our house. I mean wild, as in I unlocked our back door, heard something rustling around in the house, and dodged a blackbird torpedoing out the open door.

I guess that’s what happens when the entire south side of your house gets torn off: The blackbirds come back.

Have I mentioned we’ve had blackbirds in the house before? That’s a story for another day.

Last week the stucco on the south and east sides of the house was smashed and removed. This will allow the framer to get a nice, tight connection between the new wood and the old. Our stucco is “old stucco,” or glorified cement, so its removal wasn’t easy.

The floors are down for the kitchen and the mudroom and master bath. It’s pretty fun to actually see and walk on the new square footage.

The framers are working hard to save the original portico over the back door (seen above). When our contractor told me he didn’t know if it was salvageable, I told him I was confident he was smart enough to find a way. Well, he and his team figured it out, and I couldn’t be happier.

I hope a handful of you readers are thinking maybe someday you’d like to fix up an old house too. So far it’s been fun—like actually really enjoyable. And nothing is finished yet! And I’m not sugar coating anything because I’m not much of a Pollyanna! But thanks for your comments here, on Instagram, and in real life because the support means a lot. And I’ll let you know if things go downhill too. •

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