Remodeling a historic house is an intensive, messy job. When those qualities collide with scheduling conflicts and bad weather, it’s no good, and last two weeks of April were a struggle. But our crew is back in the saddle again and checking tasks off their to-do list in short order. We love these guys and are grateful for the dirty and detailed work they’re doing.

A few highlights lately:

The kitchen addition complements the architecture of the house—see how the gable angles match?


A Dutch door has been installed under the original portico.


The hidden window at the top of the stairs is open again and lighting our entire stairway and second floor.


The kitchen’s brick chimney, used way back when for an old wood-burning stove, is now exposed.


I’ve never remodeled before, and it is equal parts overwhelming and total fun. More updates to come next week! •

3 thoughts

  1. Loved all the little details in this post. The window. The old style texture on the walls in the stairwell. What will you do texture wise when you get to that point? The Dutch door-the color!! The brick chimney. So fun.


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