Layers of wallpaper


Man, I love seeing the wallpaper patterns previous homeowners chose for our house. I love guessing which one comes from which decade and imagining what all the women of this house have been like. Here are the patterns uncovered in the kitchen during demolition:



This wallpaper is the oldest, so it’s gotta be from the 1930s or ’40s. In the photo below, you can see a trim piece of wallpaper added later—looks like ’50s to me.


I’ve added my own wallpaper to the house. I’ve had this in the entryway since we moved in, but it’s (sadly) coming down soon:

thrift-store painting

And I already bought this fern-inspired Hygge & West paper for the master-bedroom closets:

hygge & west for closets


I am planning to use a bit of wallpaper a few other places too. What are your thoughts on wallpaper? Do you have any in your house? And what rooms are best for wallpaper or pattern on the walls? •





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  1. I love wallpaper! I’m planning on putting pink floral wallpaper on the accent wall in my daughters bedroom and another print in our upstairs hallway. I’m saving for removable because my husband isn’t very keen on the idea. It’s beautiful but $$$. I have loved following along with your house renovation!

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  2. I love wallpaper in a powder room, entryway, and kids’ rooms/nurseries. I loved seeing the old wallpaper in your house. There are so many different designs.


  3. I’m sad to see your entryway wallpaper go, but you will have plenty of awesome wallpaper in your updated home! The wallpaper on the ceiling in the entryway of your family home on Ruston was fun!


  4. I would love to do wall paper in my daughter’s room in our home we are building now. I just don’t no where to look. Have you got any good websites that sell wall paper?


    1. My favorite sites are Hygge & West, Farrow & Ball, and Anthropologie. But there are lots of sellers on Etsy that offer permanent AND removable paper, and I really like for kids’ wallpaper. Let me know if you install any. Also, I’d love to know where you are building!


      1. Thanks for the sites. I have found a few I love! We are building on my in – laws farm in Rigby. Love seeing how your house is coming along.


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