Colored tile for a bath

What do you think of colored tile in a bathroom? Probably most of us associate it with the pink or seafoam bathrooms of the 1950s, which can still look special if they’ve been maintained over the years.


Installing new colored tile in a bathroom isn’t something you see a lot of—it’s safer to go neutral for sure—but looking at these bathrooms makes color seem like a pretty good option:

via (this is an old bath too but feels so clean)

via—design by Renewal Design-Build


I was especially inspired by those last two images, and Lonnie and I just ordered the Mustard Bright tile below for our Jack-and-Jill bath for the kids upstairs. We are going neutral—black, white, and gray—in the main-floor powder room and master bath, but what better place to do something bold and fun than in a kids’ bathroom? I chose yellow specifically because I wanted my kids to start their day with a happy color, and yellow has to be the happiest.

Am I gutsy or insane? We’ll see when it’s done.

Would you install colored tile in your bathroom? Do you like a single color enough to commit in such a big way? Or is neutral the only way to go? •



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