PSA: How to keep your Christmas gifts a surprise


There’s my cute husband Lonnie on Christmas morning, wearing his Santa Snoopy shirt.

For anyone out there who feels like you’re married to Buddy the Elf, my own Buddy will give yours a run for his money.

When the holidays roll around, Lonnie’s gift-giving impulse kicks into high gear. His generosity is very sweet, but early in November, he starts saying, “Now don’t check the bank statement.” That’s his code for “I just bought you something for Christmas, and I don’t want you to figure out what it is.” But ignoring the bank statement for two months isn’t something I can or want to do, obviously.

So this year I’m picking up a Visa gift card loaded with an amount of money we can both agree on. The card works just like a debit card, so he can shop his little heart out online or in town. These cards are available at your bank or credit union, and at mine the charge is a measly $4.

Now I can keep checking my bank statement, and he can do all the secret shopping he wants. Everyone wins, and the Christmas spirit is alive and well at the Pyper household.

Happy holidays! •



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