Quilts as wall decor

Magazine images by David Tsay; design by Amy Sklar

This beautiful spread in HGTV Magazine this month stopped me cold. Not only is that entry ahh-mazing (I’ll talk more about it in an upcoming post), but the image on the right with the custom console features a huge piece of “art,” and by art I mean a quilt.

Here are a few more images for fun:



West Elm sells these ready-made quilts—perfect for the wall.


Or how about this hanging behind a chair during Christmas?

A lot of us grew up in country-style houses with quilts hanging on the walls, maybe from quilt hangers. But this is a fresh take on that, and I love it! Talk about an easy way to customize your wall decor. If you’re crafty and can stitch up a quilt, you can have art in any color scheme you desire. Or there are shops a million on Etsy and craft fairs—the list goes on.

I’m a big fan of hanging things on the wall that aren’t art, like letterman sweaters or aprons (shot the one above in Spring City last year). Of course, baskets have gotten a lot of attention recently too and even woven bags. Do you have any alternative forms of art on your walls? Are you planning to hang any? Do share. •

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