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Editor’s note: After three weeks, we’ve closed our petition after collecting 5,162 signatures online and in writing. Thanks for making your voice heard!

First, THANK YOU for the overwhelming support for our effort to preserve South Boulevard. So many have stopped by to sign the petition, and the online feedback has been almost entirely positive. We can do this!

People have asked about an online petition, and we’ve got one ready now (click here!). We are asking Bonneville County residents 18 and older to sign, but if you have a special connection to Idaho Falls or South Boulevard and don’t live here now, please include your current address and note the reasons for signing—you’ll see a place to leave comments when you sign.

We have a few events planned, so keep checking back for info and updates. Thanks again! •

7 thoughts

  1. I lived on South Boulevard in the mid-late sixties and love that street. Please leave that beautiful street the way it is and do not make it just another ugly traffic clogged mess. The trees and green grass areas, not to mention the lack of loud noisy traffic, are what make this street so special. Keep this beautiful street from ugly urban development.


  2. I signed but there wasn’t a place to put my comment.
    I was raised in Idaho Falls and love going back and enjoying South Blvd especially for the 4th of July parade and enjoy the charming homes along the way. Please save Idaho Falls history!!


  3. Please preserve the bike lanes as we reduce the speed limit to 25mph and eliminate the center turn lane. The solid white bike lane line is what keeps bicyclists from dying. Thank you.


  4. Just to be clear, we are pro-cyclist! The only reason we aren’t spelling out exactly what we’d like to see with the bike lanes is because there are lots of options (see my post Monday for more details on this topic). But we definitely want South Boulevard to be a bike-friendly neighborhood. Thanks for your comment. I hope you’ll join us for our bike-in Monday!


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