Three noteworthy renovations in my neighborhood

Spring is the perfect season to tackle projects, and there are lots of cool ones going on around my neighborhood. Here are three you might be interested in (and inspired by):

Craftsman preservation: My friend Stephanie Rose is THE local expert on preservation, and she and her husband Bill Bauer are restoring a wonderful, surprisingly large Craftsman home this year (you can see the Betty Jo from the Historic Homes for the Holidays tour right next door).

I want to point out a couple things outside worth mentioning. First, that wood siding is original. Stephanie painstakingly stripped the old paint, then applied a coat of lovely green. There are two lessons there: Not every house has to be a neutral color, and old siding is worth saving! I mean, look how lovely this is.

Mansard mini-mansion: This house is in the hands of Melissa Ball, who happens to be a member of the local Historic Preservation Commission. She is getting ready to fix it up, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Unfortunately, a bitter former-owner stripped the house of many original features, but Melissa told me she’s on the prowl for vintage details that match what was removed. You can see the back of the house in the photo below.

Midcentury medical office: This midcentury building, a former optometrist’s office, is undergoing a transformation into a nurse practitioner’s office. I consulted on this project, so I’m especially eager and curious to see how it turns out. As you can see, the architecture is quintessential midcentury, and I cannot get enough of the windows, roofline, and all the other details. Imagine this place with creamy white walls inside, beautiful flat-front cabinetry, brass finishes, plants galore, and tiles that look like polished cement.

What projects do you have planned for spring? If I had a million dollars, I’d be tackling the laundry room and bathroom in the basement, but those will have to wait. For now, it’s sprucing up our outdoor space, which will be fun when finished. Hope your projects go well this season too. •

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  1. I love the green color on that house! It looks so good! We just got our metal roofing materials yesterday so that will be going up tomorrow. Then we are on to the bathroom (hopefully) and new front porch. 🙂


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