Three easy ways to dress up your front step

We are celebrating a birthday at our house today, so I’m busy doing all the birthday things moms do—and I officially have a teenager! But here’s a quick post about three easy ways to dress up your front porch for spring and summer, sparked by this photo I spotted last week:

via—this blog is beautiful, by the way

Those ferns are so lush, and it would be so easy to get this look. Just buy two big ferns and pop them into two urns. Done. If you want to add a couple other pots, that’s great but not necessary. So Idea No. 1: Put ferns in urns.

Idea No. 2 is just as easy and a good option for a smaller front step like mine: Plant a boxwood in an urn or pot. The key is to get a good-sized boxwood, and the beauty of boxwoods is that they’re evergreen—keep yours alive through the summer and you’ll have a pretty porch plant through the winter too.

Idea No. 3 is great for those of you without much of a stoop or landing at all: Place potted flowers on each step. That’s all. Fill those pots with petunias or geraniums for color clear into the fall. Here’s another image that might give you a better idea:


That’s it! I’m a fan of one big statement on the step instead of a lot of little things. Sure, that can look cute too, but it costs more and is trickier to pull off. One lush and lovely focal point is a winner every time. How do you dress up your front step in the spring? •

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