Another poll! Dressing Room A or B?

A couple weeks ago, I told you my sister and I are helping a local barber design his new shop. More than 300 of you checked out two different mood boards here and on Instagram, and the voting was clear: Two-thirds of you liked this design best:

Thanks for weighing in! Some of you suggested swapping a few things from board to board, and our barber friend and his wife wanted to do the same. Here is the final look they chose:

This design is so rich, and I have to admit I also prefer the second board (and so does my sister). Now we are on to the next stage of the design….

Within their barbershop, our friends have this room that’s all about merchandise—hair product and clothing with the shop’s branding. So this time around we are working on design boards for a masculine dressing room, which is a cool challenge. Here’s what the room will look like straight from the doorway (note the brick wall in the back):

And we want you to weigh in again on the design! This room definitely needs wallpaper, and you can see the ones we are considering at the top of each board. Here are your options:

Dressing Room A:


Dressing Room B:

Imagine bottles of product lined up on those shelves and in those cabinets, in a similar style as you see booze in a swanky Manhattan restaurant like Maison Pickle (such a cool place to eat and such a stylish, masculine restaurant—I loved the channel tufting, leather, tile floors, and midcentury-inspired lights).


Also, we are proposing painting the brick black. That wall will be the first thing you see when looking in the dressing room, so we want a big mirror there with a midcentury credenza below it and some big, fat chandelier hanging overhead. All those things will draw you into the room, and when you enter—boom! Wallpaper on the other walls and brass finishes that dreams are made of.

Thoughts? Votes? Leave them in the comments! I love interacting with you. •

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