2018 highlights + changes for 2019

Last year was a very exciting year for me. The work we did on our house was featured on Design*Sponge:

The Today Show online:

Sunny kitchen

… and Zillow’s blog Porchlight:

And of course, the first annual Historic Homes for the Holidays tour netted $11,337.64 for Promise Ridge (one of our ticket vendors found more cash from ticket sales, so we delivered a second check). The tour was magical. It was one of the highlights of my life, truly.

via—you can see some of the local tour coverage here, here, and here.

But also in 2018, my twins went to kindergarten, and my job changed for the better in a big way, which means more hours doing work I get paid to do (and that I truly love).

My teaching certification expires in August, and even though I have mixed feelings about ever teaching public school again, I want to keep my certificate current. That means taking a couple online classes between now and April.

And so my posting on the blog will be reduced for now. I’ll still strive to post quality information—it just won’t be three times a week. And I’ll still be on Instagram.

Thanks for reading this blog and for the comments you make. They mean so much to me! See you soon. •

4 thoughts

  1. Hello Rebecca! We attended the historic home tour last month and thoroughly enjoyed it! We are offering our home for next year and would enjoying hosting. You may already have your list complete? We are in the New Sweden district south and west of IF and the original part of the home was built in 1906 and it has been added on to in the 50’s. I visited Stephanie Rose and she encouraged me to contact you. I will look forward to your reply and thank you!

    John and Ellen Christensen


  2. Hi Rebecca
    I love your home. I actually saw it on accident last month while driving around Idaho falls. We live in Jackson and are looking to build a home off of an old home floorplan (no mountain modern for us!) and I’m wondering if you worked with an architect in IF when you did some work on the home or if you know of an architect that enjoys planning small, old home styles? I would greatly appreciate a recommendation as we want to get our plans in ASAP for the spring thaw.

    Thank you!!



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