Tour photos, Part II

Happy Tuesday! What have you been up to today? I went to work, forgot to take my son’s lunch to school, and just barely ordered my Christmas cards. I’m feeling a little brain dead but wanted to share more photos of the lovely tour homes today.

We’ll start with one of the bigger homes, a turn-of-the-century Craftsman:

Beautiful entry—and don’t you love the greens on the light fixtures?!

Cute to store bath salts in a hurricane candle holder.

And now to the smallest tour home, a 1930s Tudor:

That tinsel tree with vintage ornaments is bananas. Also, it’s fun to put a wreath on a blanket ladder.

The barrel-vault ceiling in this room would steal the spotlight if the fireplace wasn’t such a show off.

And I’ll finish today with a couple shots from the house where preservation reigned supreme:

Please notice a few things about this kitchen: original cabinets and hardware plus the original windows. The marmoleum floor isn’t original but could have been, and the same goes for the Formica countertops with chrome trim on the front. How many of us turn up our noses at these finishes? But in this house, they look fresh and totally era appropriate. That floor is warm to the touch and would conceal crumbs and dust. It’s a great option for houses full of kids.

More original windows with a live tree that just happened to have a real-live bird’s nest in it when the couple chopped it down. That’s got to be some sort of good omen. Such fun wallpaper too—can’t go wrong with a cockatoo. 🙂

One more round of photos is coming up soon. But before I close out, I’d like to know if you got any new or unique decorating ideas from the tour. If so, please share in the comments. •

One thought

  1. My, what lovely homes! Thank you, Rebecca, for the photos. I have one of those old-fashioned kitchen and it’s nice to see another one. The site Retro Renovation has some great ideas,suppliers, and original old home photos. I did like the wallpaper in the first one, with the lemons?Im thinking of using something like that in my kitchen too.
    be well, merry christmas !


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