Happy Memorial Day

Isn’t it great to have a built-in holiday for paying tribute to those who fought for our country? I hope your day is full of barbecues, a little rest, and remembering those you’ve loved and lost.

Today I’ll be doing the same thing I do every Memorial Day: Heading to the cemetery for a beautiful brunch while sitting by the graves of our relatives. Every time, I cry just a little for my sweet grandpa, a WWII vet and one of my most important men. I used to think, “Won’t it be great when I can talk about him without crying?” But he’s been gone 16 years, and that day has never come.  I miss him, and I guess that’ll never go away. But I am proud, proud, proud to be his granddaughter.

Hope you have a good holiday too. See you Wednesday. •



One thought

  1. I didn’t know you guys had brunch at the cemetery for Memorial Day. I like that!
    Your Grandpa Cliff is a pretty amazing man, always and forever! Of course your heart still hurts. Sending you 🤗 hugs! Love you!


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