PSA Friday

Happy almost weekend! Just popping in to share a few things worth mentioning before we all sign off for the week:

• When I was putting together Hailey’s playroom, I ran across this new-to-me site for wallpaper. I love so many of the prints, especially this and this. And I spent a good amount of time going through the Sarah Jane wallpaper selection, an old favorite of mine. Speaking of which, the creator of the SJ papers has a new book out that is darling. I just gifted it to a friend of mine who recently had her fourth daughter.

• After complaining on Instagram that lilacs only last a day when in a vase, two people who know better than I do told me I needed to smash the ends of the branches with a hammer or mallet before putting them in water. Turns out all woody-stemmed plants need to have this treatment when used in an arrangement. I tried it, and my lilacs lasted three days—three times longer than usual! Try it and let me know what you think.

• Lastly, the Heritage Day home tours are taking place TOMORROW in Spring City, Utah. Check out my post from last year for details. There’s so much beauty and preservation in this one tiny city. Go if you can—it’s a real treat.

See you Monday! •

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