Estate-sale treasures worth hunting, Part II

Last week I shared three of my favorite things to seek out at estate sales, and today I’m sharing three more.

First up is wood and white dishes. No matter the style of house you have, wood feels warm, and white feels clean. It’s a perfect combo for the kitchen. Buy them all and use them to corral utensils, hold fruit, display potted plants, or just look beautiful side by side.

Nothing like a Christmas photo in April. Ugh.

Vintage ornaments. Christmas is thankfully way down the road, but now is the time to score vintage ornaments. These look beautiful in hurricane vases, large bowls, and trays on a table or (of course) hanging from a tree.

Vintage linens. I always like to look through estate-sale linens for beautiful, unstained sheets that can be used as tablecloths or to back a quilt. Because they’re often cotton, they’d make great fabric for little-girl sundresses too. Embroidered pillow cases are always plentiful and can make a bed seem extra well-dressed. It’s all about the details. In fact, embroidery in any medium can be pretty special.

Now go forth and shop! Locally I’m able to find out about estate sales on Craigslist. How do you find out about them where you live? •





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