Favorite things this spring

Are you suffering from mental spring fever like I am? Something about the extra daylight and warmer temps kicks my mind into overdrive, and I have lots of projects tumbling around upstairs. Here are a few things I’m infatuated and preoccupied with lately:


Cape Cod houses. Symmetry, central chimney, quaint size, dormers, ample windows—it’s got all the good stuff.









Door   /   Shakes

I am bound and determined to save a dilapidated Cape Cod around the corner from my house, and when I do, I’ll paint it creamy white, add shakes to the roof, and paint the door green with a touch of blue. No shutters. If you’re working on a house, new or old, and want to talk exterior finishes, shoot me an email!


Woven bags. Are you also loving the trend embracing all things woven? It’s such an easy way to add texture to a space, or in this case, an outfit. I’d like to get a couple oversized woven bags to hang in the mudroom and stash lake essentials inside so when it’s warm enough to swim, we’re ready to go.


Pretty stamps. If you plan to mail anything this spring (or ever), check out the Love Flourishes forever stamps designed by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. These are perfect for shower invites, wedding announcements, or even … bills. Okay, maybe don’t waste them on bills.

Pretty gutters. The Yalecrest neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah, is full of houses with beautiful gutters, and I would like to get some installed on the back of our house.


I’m also into red-orange or plain ol’ orange nail polish for my toes, and I’m considering buying a lemon tree for our mudroom. Then I could make a wreath like the one above but with real lemons, ha ha.

What are some of your favorite things and ideas lately? Any exciting projects coming up? Do share! •




4 thoughts

  1. There was so much inspiration in those houses we looked at. I love those stamps and will be getting some pronto! I hope my post office has some in stock.


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