Opalhouse’s tight palette makes a rich statement

When I clicked on a link to Target’s latest home-décor line Opalhouse, I gasped. This collection of furnishings and decorations just drips with depth, and there’s one obvious reason for it: The saturated color scheme is consistent.

Check out these images from the Indochic collection, part of the Opal House line:

See that repetition of colors? And they play so well together because they are analogous colors, or those close to each other on the color wheel, so they are harmonious and easy to look at—no crazy-harsh contrasts here. Even though the colors are bold, they don’t feel overwhelming because 1) they are combined with analogous colors and 2) the same palette is used repeatedly.

Shop the whole collection here—while it lasts. Products launched online April 8, but they’ve been in stores for at least a week, and I’ll be curious to see how long they last. In particular, these bedspreads are really good. What are your favorite products from the line? •

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