Do NOT forget these in your kitchen remodel

Can lights are a modern invention, so historic-home enthusiasts might not be terribly excited about adding them during a renovation. But I’m here to tell you not only to consider them but to plan on them.

Even with two sconces, three pendants, and a semi-flush mount, my kitchen isn’t well-enough lit in the evenings.

Six can lights make all the difference, and I hardly notice them. That’s because we don’t have so many that we suffer from the dreaded Swiss-cheese effect, and it’s also because can lights come in four-inch diameters now. They’re so small they blend in better with the ceiling, but they still emit plenty of light.

I hedged on can lights, but our electrician and contractor were pretty insistent, and it would have been an epic mistake if we hadn’t installed them.

Hope you’ve enjoyed Kitchen Week and that some of these tips will make a difference for those of you with a kitchen project on the horizon. Have a great weekend. •


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