A great big THANKS & front-door details

First things first: Thanks so much for ALL the love on the Design*Sponge feature. Wow, I have felt so much support, and you’ve inspired me to be more generous and effusive with my praise for others and their projects. Thank you!

Our front door got plenty of attention on DS’s Instagram post about our house, so I wanted to share some info about the yellow we chose. We discovered this shade during a family reunion in Ogden, Utah, six years ago, where we stayed at a historic home with this lovely lady straight across the street:

This is still one of my favorite historic homes of all time. Wowza.

I knocked on the door to ask for the color and got no answer. So I sent my handsome husband over, and the lady answered right away and peeled paint off an old paint can for us to match (#goodlooksgetresults). Yellow can be almost impossible to get right, so seeing this color on a real-life house helped us nail the shade the first go ‘round.

We had the paint matched at Home Depot, and it’s been on our front door ever since. It’s now on our Dutch door in back too, and I’ve had a few friends ask for the formula for their own doors on new construction. These shots will give you an idea of how this yellow looks with a couple other exterior colors:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

So without further ado, here’s the formula for our front-door color:

No color is happier than yellow, and I am convinced it’s good juju to have it on our front door (and everywhere in our house, ha!). If you decide to use it too, I hope it brings you as much cheer as it does me—we need all we can get during our dreary Idaho spring! •

2 thoughts

  1. Beautiful door color! But I am so enamored with the gingerbread trim and window side panel with the flower! 😍 Can you please share details?


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