Ways to display blue-and-white dishes

My sister recently bought an old house (yes—that makes three of us now!), and she is filling her bookcases with the most beautiful navy and white décor. This of course demands blue and white pottery be part of the mix. It’s so classic and chic, and the color combo plays well with diverse styles and palettes.

But what do you do when you’ve begun a large collection and don’t have a bookcase for displaying it? I’m thinking particularly about blue and white vases, urns, and dishes, and there are many places they can looks lovely, especially en masse. You’ve heard it before, and it’s so true: A grouping of a particular item looks more beautiful than one sitting solo.

So without further ado, here are a few places to display beautiful pottery, especially the blue and white variety:

via—poke a few spring branches into ginger jars and urns, and don’t be afraid to place a few under the side table too.

via—grouping on a dining-room table

via—I am crazy about the idea of stacking tall blue-and-white pieces on top of a hutch; it adds height and interest to a space that otherwise collects dust. I’ll be copying this idea for sure.


via—add as much or as little blue and white as you like to a secretary desk or other type of shelving

via—original shot by Frontgate

via—on an entry table. Man, I really hope one day to own or at least help decorate a house with a massive entry with a table smack-dab in the middle.

via—plates on a wall. I am saving this image for some fall inspiration. So pretty.

Tell me, what do you collect? Do you have any collections that would look good in any style home? My mother collects clocks—little ones like you would’ve seen on a nightstand 50 years ago—and she got me started doing the same. It’s the perfect small collection for filling a tabletop or cabinet. •




2 thoughts

  1. Those are the loveliest pots that I have ever seen! We recently moved and are still working out all the decor details. Thanks for these amazing ideas!


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