My experience ordering a custom sofa online (and why I highly recommend it)

I love green sofas. I mean, come on. These are all amazing.





Now try to find a beautiful, well-made green sofa in southeast Idaho and show me what you come up with. I’ll tell you right now—you’re gonna find nada.

That agitation led me to an online search, and even though it’s safer and more practical to buy a sofa after you’re seen it (and sat on it) in real life, I crossed my fingers and ordered one from Interior Define.

I couldn’t be happier.

I started by determining the style and shape I wanted, which took about three seconds. The English roll arm is a classic, and their Rose checked all the boxes—fixed back cushions, low and slight rolled arms, and beautiful casters.

Next, I ordered five free swatches. I chose four green ones and a gray (just in case the greens were no bueno). Although I originally wanted a velvet sofa, I chose a tweedy, mossy green after seeing the swatches in real life. (Just as an aside, I still love velvet furniture, but tweed seems like more of a four-season fabric to me. I can always add velvet pillows during the winter anyway.) The fabric I chose is Lawn, “a slubby, woven blend that forms a unique and sturdy texture,” so says the website. Sturdy is key with four kids.

One cool thing: Interior Define offers customers the option of buy now, decide later. That means you can buy a sofa during a sale, then select fabric later. This made all the difference since I hadn’t ordered swatches when a sale rolled around; I wanted to lock in the reduced price but needed more time to choose the details. No problem there.

Once you pay (even before you select your fabric), an ID interior designer is assigned to your order and answers all your questions. He or she is also available if you have questions while the sofa is being built or if you want to check the status of your order.

The only drawback, which is minor, is that buying a custom sofa means it can’t be shipped the next day. Turnaround time is eight to 12 weeks. The sofa will be delivered and assembled in your house while you sit by the fireplace and give directions on where it should be placed.

The seat cushions are fabulous too—they Velcro in place and have hidden hooks for greater stability. No more cushions on the floor every day!

For homeowners like me who live in smallish towns with few furniture options, Interior Define is a no-brainer. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of construction, the weight of the piece, and the gorgeous green fabric.

Tell me, would you order a piece of furniture without seeing it in person first? Have any of you used ID before? And for those of you who prefer custom pieces, what are your tips for ensuring an order you won’t regret? •

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  1. I have been looking at several of Interior Define’s sofas, but nervous about buying a couch I haven’t sat on (hooray for your posting!)….before I make the leap, I’d love to know what your opinion is of their comfort (especially now that yours is “broken in.)” On another note, I had the opportunity to tour through your delightful home in the Historic Homes tour and LOVE the green color of your bedroom–may I ask what color it is? It is a dead ringer for the color I am hoping to paint our den!


    1. Our sofa is comfortable enough to sleep on but hasn’t lost its shape or gotten saggy. If you are ever driving past my house, stop by for a sit to see what you think!

      As for my bedroom, the color is SW Saguaro, and it is one of the best decisions I made in the remodel. I adore the color, and it would be beautiful in a den.


      1. Thanks so much for the quick reply on both counts! And I’m delighted to hear Saguaro is on your walls because that was one of the colors that kept surfacing when I played with my designer’s paint decks this week (now *that* is the embodiment of the tyranny of choice!)


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