Dear wonky space: I love you

* Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. May we all respect the good qualities of others rather than judging based on assumption or appearance. *

Dear awkward niche in the boys’ room,

For five years I have had no idea what to do with you. You were too small for a chair and too big to close off. Surely you could be used for something good—I just didn’t know what.

Boys’ bedroom when we bought the house. See the niche next to the bed with the burgundy bedspread?

We tried to turn you into a secret reading nook, but you were too dark. We thought about making you into a secret space with a secret opening, but only one person would’ve fit inside at a time (and again, we had the darkness issue).

During remodel (see the empty niche on the left?)

So we left you empty, and you collected dust. In fact, that’s pretty much the only thing you’ve done well.

Until a few weeks ago when a lovely builder came by and lined you with shelves. Now you begin life as a bookcase and are solving my children’s-books-scattered-everywhere woes.

So thanks for hanging with us. And thanks for inspiring me to reconsider the potential of all the other weird niches out there.


Rebecca •



2 thoughts

  1. This is a perfect space for bookshelves! I think it is so important to have books handy to encourage kids to read or look at books. I love the way these shelves look!


  2. This I am fully on board with. I don’t think there could be a better use of this space. And though I disparaged having lots of books on your previous post, I do not believe that to be true for kids! I always say G gets an unlimited book budget.


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